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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

I wanted to express my appreciation for the dynamic Omega-Man presentation with my students enjoyed. It was eye catching, motivational and our students connected with the message.

Thank you for the marvelous presentation. I would recommend your program to other schools, friends and colleagues.

Deborah Schwope


St. Joseph Catholic School, Florida

The students were entertained but what was very gratifying to me as an administrator was that the young people were spellbound during your inspirational message. The emphasis on reaching ones dreams and being kind to other was exactly what I hoped you would cover. I recommend your presentation to other public and private schools who need to motivate and challenge our children.

Nancy L. Genzel, M.E.D.


Mannington Township School District, New Jersey

WOW!!! What a performance and message for our school. Our students and staff are still talking about the assembly. From Kindergarten to fifth grade, the students were so in tuned to your message of believing and achieving. The students at my school need positive role models to look up to and hear a positive message from.

Principal Beverly Lynne

Janie Howard Wilson Elementary School, Arizona

The quality of the Omega-Man presentation was impressive. He delivered valuable information in a very student friendly format. He captured the student’s attention with humor, than provided a message that all students need to hear. After the assembly, students were able to restate the information, which is proof that he connected and they listened.

Ingres Simpson

Supervisor of Instruction

Simmons Elementary School, New Jersey

Omega man did a wonderful job of communicating to our kids the importance of making good choices and how these choices today will make a difference today and forever. The teachers were very encouraged by the themes taught and are even continuing to reinforce these themes in the classroom.

Lynsie Guest

PTA President

Pinewood Elementary School, Washington

"Our students were treated to an entertaining & memorable program with an important message: Be a Dream-Maker, not a Dream-Breaker! What a great way to teach kindness, responsibility and respect!"

Amy Benningfield

Guidance Counselor

Dr. N.E. Roberts Elementary School, Florida

At Omegaman & Friends School Shows, we understand the importance of setting expectations and proactively addressing behavioral issues in schools. That's why our school assemblies are the perfect addition to your Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program. Our presentations are designed to complement a school's efforts to promote positive behavior and prevent bullying.

Our assemblies provide a shared positive experience for students and staff, creating a foundation upon which a successful PBIS program can be built. Our engaging and interactive presentations are tailored to the needs of each school and are designed to teach students important skills such as empathy, respect, and responsibility.

With the Omegaman & Friends School Assembly, you can be sure that your students will be entertained, engaged, and inspired. Our team of professional performers has years of experience working with schools and delivering impactful messages that resonate with students.

So if you're looking for a way to enhance your school's PBIS program, look no further than Omegaman & Friends School Assembly.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your school promote positive behavior PBIS and prevent bullying.

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