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6-8th Grade

The Choices You Make Today Determine Your Tomorrow! We modify our show to fit older audiences.

45-60 Minutes Per Show

Interactive Presentation

Life Changing Presentation

Decades of Experience

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A Message Of Hope From Experience!

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1. Be the H.E.R.O. in You!

2. Are you on the road of COMMITTMENT or COMPROMISE?

3. The Power of Your Choice!

4. Choose Character over Bullying!

5. Anti-Tobacco, Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

6. Don’t be a Bystander but an Upstander!

7. Being a Leader not a Follower!

8. What has your FOCUS has your Direction!

Middle School Assembly Topics Include

-Our Mission: To promote positive Choices and move the student’s hearts and minds to contemplate positive change and new direction for their lives! 

Why Is Our
Superhero Assembly
Show So Effective?

-In a world where it's increasingly difficult to capture the attention of young people, our team knows how to make an impression. With feats of strength like snapping baseball bats, ripping phone books in half, and even bending steel in their teeth, we guarantee to leave your students in awe! Our performances are not only entertaining, but also promote messages of perseverance, hard work, and determination.

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The Best Presentation For Middle School Students!

-It’s hard for a speaker wearing a suit & tie to get most students’ attention now days. When a student sees one of our team members snap a baseball bat, rip a 400-page book in half, and bend steel in his teeth it grabs the student’s attention. The feats of strength are used as a tool to captivate and maintain the attention of the students, ensuring that the message is not lost. Each illustration is connected to an object lesson that will inspire your students to make the right choices when it comes to bullying, peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and personal achievement.

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Best School Assembly.png
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Just being challenged to say “NO” is not enough to bring revelation to the hearts and minds of today’s youth.

A Powerful Message

-The decisions they make today will determine their tomorrow and this is the reason why we want to help you impact the students of your school by bringing them a powerful, fun-filled, yet serious presentation of choices, purpose, and goal setting for their future.

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The quality of the Omegaman & Friends presentation was impressive. He delivered valuable information in a very student friendly format. He captured the student’s attention with humor, then provided a message that all students need to hear. After the assembly, students were able to restate the information, which is proof that he connected, and they listened.


Ingres Simpson

Supervisor of Instruction

Simmons Elementary School, New Jersey

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