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Why is the Omegaman & Friends presentation so effective? (click here)

It's hard for a speaker wearing a suit & tie to get most students attention now days. When the young people see one of our presenters, snap a baseball bat, rips a phone book and bends steel in his teeth it grabs the student’s attention.

When you can get someone’s attention then you can get a message of change in their life!

We hear the same things at every school we go into, the principals, counselors and teachers are amazed at how the students listen intently to the talk portion of the assembly. The reason the assemblies are successful is because we are passionate about helping the young people of this generation.

Our Mission: To promote positive CHOICES and move the student’s hearts and minds to contemplate positive change and new direction for their lives!


Research suggests that the best way to deal with bullying is through comprehensive programs that focus on changing the climate of a school and developing a positive attitude in the community, helping everyone stay connected with our children.

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Past schools have had their students & faculty wear their favorite Super-Hero T-shirt/costume the day of the assembly. It brings excitement and engages them into our theme this year: "Be A H.E.R.O." Check out some of the superhero schools!!! Click here - Superhero gallery

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